Intrellit has developed applied artificial intelligence solutions that enable claim examiners, lawyers, and medical experts to quickly understand and analyze medical malpractice claims data. Our tools allow users to analyze the legal merits and potential future payout of lawsuits in new and profound ways, and include solutions to predict the settlement and judgment values of cases, as well as their likely duration. We also offer solutions for the rapid processing and understanding of information hidden within voluminous unstructured medical records, as well as a platform for efficient case management and referral.

Predict Future Settlement and Judgement Values of Lawsuits

Our analytics model pools historical data, court filings, and real-time data to accurately predict the likely settlement or verdict value of a lawsuit. By taking into account various factors such as the location of the incident, data regarding the patient, and the medical basis for a claim, our instant case estimation is highly accurate.

Rapidly Process, Understand, and Smart-Search Medical Records

By using our AI-powered search tool, law firms can define the subject of a lawsuit and watch as it performs an analysis of every paragraph within thousands of medical pages. The search tool understands how the results relate to the claims at issue – without requiring the input of exact search terms. The search tool also understands and contextualizes medical records based on selected criteria, including dates, names of physicians or medical facilities, and medical conditions. We have utilized best practices in human-computer interface design to create a simple and efficient search tool for reviewing records and finding the most relevant sections.

Easily Sort Unstructured Medical Records

The page organizer solution, trained on millions of medical data points, rapidly organizes thousands of pages of unstructured medical records according to the desired record type. Instead of wasting countless hours manually reorganizing every single page of a shuffled document, the page organizer allows the user to instantly sort pages by the document type, such as a lab report or a discharge note. This saves an enormous amount of time for attorneys, medical experts and others who review medical records as part of their job.

Instantly Predict Case Duration

Predict the expected duration of a case as it moves towards settlement or verdict. Utilizing historical data and millions of data points, we have made it possible to determine the expected duration of a lawsuit based on multiple variables, including the plaintiff’s age, medical condition, damages, and location, thus providing more clarity to our users. This allows for more strategic decision-making and the proper allocation of resources, time, and effort into each lawsuit.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

To provide the most accurate results, we have the highest fidelity optical character recognition (OCR) tool for unstructured medical records, created for the purpose of rendering large quantities of medical record data. The OCR tool incorporates a cutting-edge AI algorithm that produces higher quality readable medical records than any commercially available OCR; it accurately detects the pertinent information within medical records, even when the text is poorly scanned and difficult to read. Three layers of machine learning algorithms ensure that the text is clearly understood.

Seamlessly Manage and Refer Cases

The case management platform allows attorneys who manage medical malpractice claims to quickly review information in a condensed format, deal efficiently with client matters, and sort cases based on priority. Utilizing analytics data that has until now never been systematically captured, while leveraging our AI-powered tools, this solution saves users time and effort by sorting and organizing their caseloads. The attorney referral platform makes it quick and efficient to refer cases to other law firms, track the referrals, manage mutual clients, and share fees and expenses. The platform seamlessly integrates with our other solutions for an efficient and satisfying user experience.